Real Estate Video Marketing

From executive estates, family homes to investment opportunities or rural and coastal areas, video marketing offers a modern, fresh and unique perspective, a cut above the rest.

Distinguish your sellers property, by offering them the best marketing tools available.​

Take your buyers on a journey. A journey towards purchasing their new property with you.

In todays busy, social media world, prospective property buyers and investors begin their search online, narrowing their shortlist of properties according to the images they see. We all know that having top quality images available in easily accessed forums is essential to capture buyer interest in a competitive market, and make that final sale!

Antipodes Productions has more than 10 years experience in the filming and media industry, which guarantees high quality footage, vibrant colours, great angles and smooth and seamless editing.

We offer the best video real estate service available in Northland. With professional broadcast cameras, 4K drone footage and professional lighting, we will make your properties shine like never before.

We provide a wide range of HD video services and packages adapted to your sellers needs, and sure to pique that buyer interest.

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